Thursday, July 5, 2012

This and that...

So this post will be everywhere. If you know me it will be a lot like talking to me in person. Ha!  I decided to not take the easy way out and post yet another "Wordless Wednesday" yesterday. I decided to at least give some words. Scattered thoughts as they may be. But words at least.

So we are smack in the midst of preparing to move our oldest and only girl into a dorm this fall. I had no idea how mind blowing this would be. You always seem to forget all the extra stuff you need when you move. So now we are in the middle of deciding which mattress pad is better and what other things we need in our dorm. It's a crazy time. It's even crazier when the girl wants Vera Bradley sheets and Pottery Barn Teen duvets. This isn't even counting the outfit we have found for the sorority mix and mingle open house. Thus it begins.....

We've also been home improving. We replaced a crappy fan in our bedroom and put a new one in the mudroom.  I LOVE that fan. Who knew I needed one?

Mudroom bliss
Kevin had help with the bedroom fan.

I've been spending the summer trying to slow down and remember that this all goes so fast. It seems that just yesterday Canaan was a wee little and now she's moving out five weeks from today. Dylan will be a junior and starts band practice next week and sweet Rhys is in the middle of junior high drama. (I have proof of this in my constantly busy home phone. rings off the hook and it's never for us. Just Rhys.) sweet 4lb miracle Lennon, will be three soon. Crazy.
So I try to sneak this in as often as possible.

On a different, yet very important note, I have started a new "study". I use the term very loosely because it's not a study but more of an Internet movement. If you will notice in my sidebar there is a button with a link to "She Reads Truth". I came across this on instagram. This is a group of ladies who are following with each other in reading various plans from the "You Version" bible app. This month is is "Living Surrendered".  I LOVE this. It's perfect for me in this busy season of life. It's bite sized, much needed nuggets of truth. I'm striving to live a better life and this was just the perfect addition to my morning quiet time. Or in my case my whenever-I-can-fit-it-in-time. I encourage you to click the link and really check this thing out. It's powerful and we're doing it together which makes it even more powerful!

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  1. Very nice! I know you're going to miss Canaan. The house looks great!