Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Playing house

Sometimes I have to pinch myself so I know that this is really happening.

When I was a little girl I daydreamed non-stop about how I'd have a large family (I played with at least three baby dolls at all times) and a wonderful husband and I'd do mom stuff. I'm pretty sure I thought at that time "Mom stuff" was all about getting to sit around and read all the time or pretty much doing what you wanted whenever. Boy did I have that all wrong...  Anyways, I just knew I wanted an awesome husband/dad and a ton of kids.

Fast forward a few (ahem...) years and here I sit.  It's finally nap time and I get to type away here while loud boy "YEAH!" noises echo from the Call of Duty game upstairs and little baby snores come across on the monitor.  I am so blessed. I don't even know where to begin.  It took me a long time to end up here. However, here I am.  I pictured the journey to be a bit easier and "mom stuff" to actually be more fun than it can be but I think I had the feeling at the end of the day nailed down.

I love my life.
I found these books at my friend Jo's house. I cannot recommend them enough. They are Busy Books.

Lennon and the busy book. This is the first thing he usually grabs in the morning.

Lennon "helping" Dylan with the new dining room fan.

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