Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Catching Up.

These past few weeks have beens so busy they seem to have flown by.  I'll start with MOPS. We started our meetings back last month and it couldn't have come at a better time. It's amazing what a little fellowship with people who completely understand your burdens and blessings can do for you. Sometimes it's overwhelming raising childern. In my case it's an odd mix of both ends of the spectrum. At one end I have a beautiful girl on the edge of womanhood and a tiny toddler learning his little signs and what "No" means.  It's such a beautiful experience. However, it can be a draining one all at the same time.  I once saw a handmade sign at a country fair that showed a picture of a hen with her chicks running behind her and said "Please God give me the patience to put up with all of my blessings". I need that sign!

My MOPS group is a beautiful mix of women from all walks of life with one thing in common. Needing patience for those little blessings! It's so nice to be able to lean on these ladies when you need it most. My husband is a rock don't get me wrong; but, I long to be able to vent to a woman who knows EXACTLY how it feels to be embarrased at Wal-Mart because a fight over sitting in the cart leads to toddler melt down. Sorry Kev, but you are Dad, and for some reason Dad's don't get worked up about these things like Mom seems too! Thank God for my MOPS moms!

Lennon has learned a new trick.

Mom, Dad, Ryan and Rebecca came in this weekend. So much fun. I miss them all so much. I really wish Mom and Dad would move here so we'd have them all to ourselves. I also really wish I could be closer to my brother and his simply amazing wife. I love her and I love her for loving my brother. He's a lucky man!

It was Dad's birthday so we celebrated with a pitiful looking, yet very yummy cake!

Ha! Certainly can't tell I can decorate cakes with this one!  Oh well.

We took everyone down to the Wooden Boat Festival. It was a ton of fun. Here's Rhys at the Captain's Wheel.   Then we came home so Mom and Dad could snuggle with the little one. They are obviously not enjoying it.
 They left yesterday and I miss them so much :(

Next time I'll update you on all the crafts Lennon monster and I have been doing!