Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Birthday's and TS Lee

This weekend began with TS Lee. It was just a rain maker and some wind. Not really a big deal for around here. It was also the first game of high school football season. GO SKIPPERS! 

Dylan is in the band and that makes me a band booster. So Friday I was at this game working the concession stand in the pouring rain. It was surreal with the rain coming in sideways and kids playing soccer in the side yard. I honestly haven't had that much fun in a long time!  It was a muddy mess, and great fun.  The band did play but in modified fashion. Dylan didn't play because he plays the sax and they don't let woodwinds play in the rain.

Oh and we kicked major booty! Skippers won 19-16. Ok not major booty but's a (w).

Satuarday was sweet Canaan's 18th birthday. I cannot believe she's 18. She used to be such a sweet little girl with a bow the size of her head. Now she's a beautiful young woman just months from being on her own. I know this is cliche but it really did fly by. The older I get I realize cliche's are cliche for a reason they are always true.

The morning started out with gifts!  We got her a snazzy pair of rain boots and her very first piece of Tiffany jewlery. A beautiful silver beaded bracelet. She loved it!

The birthday celebration was a High Tea at a local Tea house.  Unfortunately it fell apart before we left due to the weather. The originial guest list was changed several times and she got stuck with her good friend and the boys and I! Poor kid! She's a trooper though and still managed to have a great time. 

The boys also had a great time. I was actually shocked at this. I knew Rhys wouldn't mind. He's a go with the flow kind of kid. Dylan though surprised me! He was a gentleman and a good sport!

Sunday was full of more rain and wind. The weather was the kind that made you want to sleep all day. This is hard to do with four kids though so Kevin and I went down to the lake front to see the flooded streets. It was also a good time watching all the daredevils skip the huge waves and tempt the angry lake.

This picture was taken about a block and a half away from Lakeshore dr. The people you see in the middle of the photo are nearly waist deep and in the street. Craziness!

We are glad to see Lee gone and hope he was all the excitement we will see this season!

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