Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Busy Bees

Monday we had open house at our church where Lennon's Mother's Day Out will be. We discussed all the details, saw his room and met his teachers. It breaks my heart he's growning so fast. I don't know if it's the fact he's my baby and the caboose or what; but, it certainly seems he's growing faster than the others did. Makes a momma sad :(

Monday also was the day we put the command center project into motion. I love it!  Lately I've been on finding all this inspiration for crafts and decorating. I've actually become quite obsessed with this site. The command center is the third thing in the past several days I've done from that site. It should be mentioned here that I'm the least crafty person I know.  I can cook anything your heart desires but modge podge and craft paper baffle me!

This project was taken from a Pottery Barn idea. I bought the materials at Hobby Lobby. It was way cheaper and is still way cute!  This is our finished project!
Perfect in the mudroom!

Tuesday Lennon and I went to the park and then the splash pad. The child is fearless so we didn't spend much time at the park. He kept making me nervous on the slides. He loves making me nervous!
The splash pad was a ton of fun. A friend recommended it and said it was her favorite so off we went!  He wasn't quite sure what he thought of it at first.

He finally warmed up and met some friends. The shyness gave way to giggles!

We had a good time! Definitely will go back although next time we will have lunch, friends and bug repellent!

The sure sign of a great day!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Recap.

This is my first official post so bear with me. I know this will get better as I go on. I just hope you know that too! I'm hoping this blog is full of those jaw dropping photos that everyone else seems to have on their blog but I just don't know.  As often as I take pictures of my kids you think they would be used to it or even pose for me. Ha!

I get this....

Lennon obviously would rather play with the camera than just smile pretty for his mother. *sigh*

Then there's this......

Dylan cooperating waaaayyyy to easy. Ha! The joke is on him though I know he didn't think I'd post this.  Just so you know this is his 'suck up to Mom...I love you" pose.  Yeah he's at the dorky teenage boy stage some never grow out of!

I am now learning how to upload photos from my camera and my phone onto the computer so as we go on I'll have more.  I made some Red Velvet Brownies with White Chocolate Buttercream I'd like to show and share so stay tuned. I'll do that soon!